• December

    Ms. Amanda Burt, High School Teacher
    Ms. Burt was nominated by Dr. Todd Davies, Superintendent of Schools

    Ms. Burt epitomizes Every Student Every Day in her classroom work and her dedication and commitment to the Bulldog Pantry, which exists to serve the students and families of West York. In 2019, the Pantry evolved from the West York Clothing Closet into its current format under the supervision and direction of Ms. Burt. Ms. Burt dedicates time above and beyond her typical workday to mentor students, secure donations, and manage the distribution of food and household supplies to those in need. Through the Pantry, Ms. Burt has found a way to vocationally educate her students through hands-on experiences while providing an opportunity for the students to help their community. Ms. Burt isn’t alone in her efforts; in particular, she has the help and support of Ms. Vega, Ms. Hickey, and Ms. Kopp to carry out this invaluable endeavor. Thank you, Ms. Burt and team, for this invaluable service to our students and community.

    Ms. Shelly Geller and Ms. Meghan Paterno
    Ms. Geller and Ms. Paterno were nominated by Lincolnway Elementary Principal, Ms. Katy Kveragas

    Ms. Geller and Ms. Paterno are members of our MTSS committee, and they have taken on a new project: The Lincolnway Leaders! Each homeroom teacher nominated two students from their classroom to be a Lincolnway Leader. They meet with these students every Friday morning at 8 AM (before school starts!) to fine-tune their leadership skills. They're using the 7 Habits of Healthy Kids to drive their lessons and activities. Next, the Lincolnway Leaders will create videos and lessons for our new students to Lincolnway, and they will serve as the leaders in the classrooms to support our new students and welcome them to our Bulldog family. Ms. Paterno and Ms. Geller have really gone above and beyond in supporting our new students and providing leadership opportunities for many of our students. Seeing this new initiative evolve under their leadership and innovation is great!

    Ms. Maddie Myers, High School Teacher
    Ms. Myers was nominated by High School Principal, Ms. Carrie Jones

    Ms. Myers continues to go above and beyond here at the high school.  Last year, she brought a community club proposal (complete with a slideshow!) to the high school admin team because she was passionate about getting more students involved after school who were not involved in something else. This year, she brought the "community club" to fruition, and we are excited to see it grow.  She also advises the student council.  Ms. Myers volunteers her time as well - for example, she attended almost every unified track practice and meets last year simply as a volunteer.  She has quickly emerged as a leader here and is very passionate about the ninth-grade academy.  She also promotes all the awesome things going on in her classroom on Instagram.