Read Aloud:

Activities for families and students of all ages!

Other fun things to do!

  • Work the crossword and sudoku puzzles.

  • Write a haiku or a limerick. Read it aloud in your best Shakespearean accent.

  • Learn some new phrases in a foreign language — like “Hast du Toilettenpapier?” in German (“Do you have any toilet paper?”).

  • Listen to an audiobook together.

  • Write letters (actual letters or cards) to one or more people in the service industry.

  • Tell a story as a family. One person starts with a phrase or sentence, the next person continues with an added phrase/sentence, and so on. Continue until a logical place to end.

  • Make sock puppets out of the non-matched socks, or toys for your pets.

  • Bake a cake or some cookies.

  • Learn how to sew on a button.

  • Learn how to make an origami animal.

  • Make a new board game with an old cardboard box or some paper. Make cards and other pieces. Grab some dice from another game or make a spinner. Make up the rules as you go.

  •  Have a scavenger hunt in your home.

  • Save the boxes from your package deliveries and use them to make towers or forts.

  • Write a play or a script.

  • Create a puppet show.

  • Write a song.

  • Make a comic strip.

  • Create a collage.

  • Write a story.

  • Write a poem.

  • Construct a mobile.

  • Create some jokes.

  • Create a slideshow.

  • Create a scrapbook.