Student Handbook

The purpose of the student handbook is to give District students and their parents/guardians an understanding of the general rules and guidelines for attending and receiving an education in our school.  In case of a conflict between a Board policy and the provisions of this handbook, the policy most recently adopted by the Board will prevail. If policy changes are enacted during the school year,  Administration will communicate those changes to students, staff, and parents/guardians. 


Coaches Handbook

The Coach’s Handbook is a resource manual for all coaches in the West York Area School District. It contains guidelines, policies, and procedures that all coaches are expected to know to be able to perform the important job of coaching our student–athletes. Each coach should thoroughly review the manual before each season to ensure they are up-to-date with any new guidelines, policies, or procedures. This handbook is not intended to be the solution to all problems. It should help the coach problem solve and prevent problems from occurring.  A successful coach is someone who builds positive relationships with students, fellow coaches, teachers, administrators, school board members, fans, and the community.


Appendix A – Student-Athlete Eligibility and Code of Conduct Form 

Appendix B – Coaches Code of Conduct Form 

Appendix C – Parent Code of Conduct Form

Appendix D – Athletic Awards Form 

Appendix E – PIAA Coaching Requirements Form 

Appendix H – Assumption of Risk Form 

Appendix I – Student Emergency Contact Form 


Coach Evaluation Form


NCAA Eligibility Center

PIAA Physical Forms

PIAA Handbook

  • Section I – PIAA Constitution and Bylaws

  • Section II – PIAA Policies and Procedures

  • Section III – PIAA Rules and Regulations

  • Section IV – Sports Medicine Guidelines

Bus Permission Form

School Board Policies

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Volunteer Coach Process / Forms