The West York Area High School and Trimmer Elementary have collaborated on a mentoring program called Big Bulldog Mentors. The purpose of this program is to build leadership qualities amongst our high school students while providing our 4th-and 5th-graders with opportunities to learn and grow from their peer mentors! The team presented at the April 16, 2019 Board meeting.

Administrators responsible for bringing the program to the WYASD are Ms. Traci Stauffer, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services; Ms. Jenna Sloan, Trimmer Principal, and Mr. Wayne Dull, HS Assistant Principal.

"We have found that this program has benefited both the elementary and the high school students involved. The elementary students look up to the high school students as positive role models and this has definitely increased our high school students’ self-esteem. They are part of something bigger than themselves. It was neat to hear the students mention the positive impact it has had on them behaviorally and academically in their statements at the board meeting. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing firsthand how the students involved in this program have grown!"


Ms. Traci Stauffer,

Director of Special Education

and Pupil Services  

Big Bulldog