We offer many sports for students to enjoy. If you are interested in joining a sport, please contact that coach for more information.



Boys Soccer

Head Varsity Coach: Ben Reiber
Head JV Coach: Nicholas Geller


Football Coach: Rebecca Gross

JH Football Coach: Kim Hazelton


Coed Cross Country

Head Varsity Coach: Carolyn Daugherty
Assistant Varsity Coach:
Ryan Myers

Head JH Coach: Lynn Fuhrman


Field Hockey

Head Varsity Coach: Allie Rauhauser
Assistant Varsity Coach: Samantha Keating
Head JH Coach: Emily Corcoran
Assistant JH Coach: Casey Landis



Head Varsity Coach: Ivan Quinones
Assistant Varsity Coach: John Nelson

Assistant Varsity Coach:  Kent Lichty

Assistant Varsity Coach: Austin Quinones

Assistant Varsity Coach: Janssen Nelson
Head JV Coach: Cornell Parker

Head JH Coach: Lorin Deller
Assistant JH Coach: Andrew Romsburg

Assistant JH Coach: Todd Snyder

Assistant JH Coach: Scott Stock

Assistant JH Coach: Jordan Woods


Girls Soccer

Head Varsity Coach: Jack Denney
Head JV Coach: Jonathan Quinones


Girls Tennis

Head Varsity Coach: Doug Crawford


Girls Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach: Barbara Fretz
Assistant Varsity Coach: Gabrielle Hamilton


Coed Golf

Head Varsity Coach: Joseph Warns


Boys Basketball

Head Varsity Coach: Garrett Bull
Assistant Varsity Coach: Tim Betchel
Head JV Coach: Brian Groupe
Head JH Coach: Clayton Frey

Head Coach 7th/8th grade: Eric Sowers


Wrestling Coach: Rebecca Gross

JH Wrestling Coach: Rebecca Gross

Basketball Coach:  Gina Webb

JH BasketbaLL Coach: OPEN

Competitive Coach: Marissa James

Assistant Competitive Coach: Gina Webb

Girls Basketball

Head Varsity Coach: James Kunkle
Assistant Varsity Coach: Denton Senft
Head JV Coach: Jason Getz
Head JH Coach: Brian Leib

Head Coach 7th/8th grade: Mark Cable

Coed Swimming

Head Varsity Coach: OPEN
Assistant Varsity Coach: OPEN


Head Varsity Coach: Brian Gross
Assistant Varsity Coach: Robert Linker
Head Junior High Coach: Chad Gardner

Assistant Junior High Coach: Daniel Myers


Boys Baseball

Head Varsity Coach: Erik Amspacher
Head JV Coach: Andrew Johnson


Boys Tennis

Head Varsity Coach: Pete Kerns


Boys Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach: Gabrielle Hamilton
Head JV Coach: Brittanie Silk


JH Girls Volleyball

Head JH Coach: Luke Diminick
Assistant JH Coach: Kaleigh Sauers


Girls Softball

Head Varsity Coach: Christopher Ilyes
Assistant Coach: OPEN


Coed Track

Head Varsity Coach: Julia Haynes  
Assistant Varsity Coach: Marisa Rice
Assistant Varsity Coach: Rebecca Gross
Assistant Varsity Coach: Tyler Reisinger

Assistant Varsity Coach: Jonathon Shultz
Assistant JH Coach: Lynn Fuhrman
Assistant JH Coach: Lauren Shrader
Assistant JH Coach: Lisa Groff

Unified Track & Field: Tim Frey

Unified Track & Field: Andrew Rafferty


Boys Lacrosse

Head Varsity Coach: Shay Stremmel
Assistant Varsity Coach:  Ian Lichty


Girls Lacrosse

Head Varsity Coach: Marcus Sweitzer
Assistant Varsity Coach: James Kunkle