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March 6, - May 30, 2020





Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2020

This communication supersedes all previous communication.

Greetings, West York Area School District Community:


     Compared to the second week of school, this past week has been relatively uneventful with regard to COVID-19. Students are settling into their routines, whether it’s brick and mortar or the West York Cyber Academy (WYCA), and they are on their way to a successful school year. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit several WYCA classrooms and was very impressed by our teachers and students, alike. All of the hard work that went into developing our very own cyber program was clear to see by the well-organized program taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers.

     At this past Tuesday’s Board Meeting, the Board heard comments and concerns from community members about transitioning our students to a full, five-day school week. We also heard concerns about the limits on spectators at District co-curricular events. 

     With regard to returning to a full, five-day school week, we are in the process of planning what that transition will look like and how it will impact students and families and our current District Calendar. The transition will not happen overnight and it will be based upon many factors, including how widespread COVID-19 is within our District. We will present our plan to pivot to full-day learning at the October 13th Board Meeting. The community will be able to weigh-in on the plan through public comment at that meeting. 

     We know that our athletic events are an integral part of the educational experience. Whether you’re a student-athlete, a band member, cheerleader, parent, or simply a West York sports enthusiast, there’s something special about sitting in the stands with friends and family to support your favorite Bulldog. It’s tradition, it’s part of who we are as a community, and it’s something our student-athletes, band, and cheerleaders prepare for and look forward to throughout the summer months. We’d like nothing more than to open our gates and bring everyone together under the Friday night lights to celebrate the first home football game. However, until the guidelines ease up, there will be limits to the size of our crowds that have required a lot of careful planning to make sure we can open our venues safely and to as many spectators as possible. 

     I'm sure the question on everybody’s mind is, if the size of the crowd is limited, who will be able to attend? Answering this question has been at the front of our planning for some time, and I would like to use this opportunity to make our planning for this matter as transparent as possible. 

     Our first order of business is determining what is allowed by law. We are following the guidelines established by the Governor and endorsed by the PIAA for participants at events. Currently, those guidelines limit spectators to no more than 250 total participants for an outdoor venue and no more than 25 participants for an indoor venue. Participants include players, coaches, spectators, etc. If the governor’s order changes in any way, our Board has agreed to review the new guidance at an ad hoc meeting of the Board. We already have Tuesday, September 22nd and Tuesday, September 29th set aside for possible ad hoc meeting dates.  

     For now, our Athletic Department, High School Principal, and other District administrators are working on a plan that will offer limited, in-person participation at events based on the 250/25 order. The plan will provide the parents of players/band/cheer the opportunity to attend events before opening tickets up to the public. The parents of seniors will get the first crack at the tickets before offering them to juniors, sophomores, etc. Those parents, families, and fans who are unable to obtain in-person tickets to an event will be able to watch the event livestreamed on YouTube. In a nutshell, every varsity sport will provide a livestreaming option for spectators (this may look differently for Golf and Cross Country, so please check with those coaches for specifics). This link will take you to a page on our website where you can select the various livestream options for after school sports. Interested in watching an away game? This link will take you to the YAIAA website where you will find links to not only West York’s events but other participating districts as well. 

     This next part is important for all those planning to attend West York extracurricular games, competitions, or practices. All spectators, participants, game employees, and/or visitors in attendance at an activity on school property must comply with all social distance guidelines at all times (this includes wearing masks, correctly).  We will be adding additional signage to help remind those in attendance and additional staff to enforce these guidelines. Anyone who repeatedly violates our established guidelines for in-person attendance will be asked to leave and may be prevented from attending future activities. Thank you in advance for following our important mitigation practices that will keep all spectators and visitors who attend our extracurricular events, safe. 

     More details about the West York Spectator Plan will be conveyed by our Athletic Department in the next few days through our normal avenues of communication. 


Zoom App Update

     Our technology department has identified a solution to the Zoom connectivity issue that some students have been experiencing when attempting to access Zoom on their District-issued Chromebooks. The technology department will remove the old Zoom app from devices and install an updated Zoom app. This has been communicated to students by their teachers, but in case someone missed it, for this update to take effect, students need to make sure they log out and restart their District-issued Chromebooks. This simple task will update the Chromebook to include the updated Zoom app. Students should contact their teachers should they have any questions. 


Bulldog Pantry

     Our Bulldog Pantry will distribute pre-packed boxes of non-perishable items on October 1st from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at the High School, door 24. 


Flu Shots for Students

     We will hold a student Flu Shot Clinic on September 29th and October 1st. Families must register their children by September 22, 2020. The clinic is for West York students in grades K-12. 


The content below was in last week’s communication, but it is good information to know:

     As you know by now, Trimmer Elementary is closed through September 25th due to COVID-19 in the building, and we continue to monitor the situation. Our ultimate goal is to keep our buildings open as much as possible and for as long as possible. We are not out of the woods with COVID-19, and we have a long way to go before we are. There will be more bumps in the road this year, but please know that we are prepared to work through those obstacles in order to continue providing education to the students of West York. 

      If we do have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in one of our buildings, we will contact those individuals impacted with a personal phone call.  We will also notify the District families and community that we do have an identified case, and in that communication, we will let you know how we are handling it.  That communication will be delivered via our usual methods through our Blackboard systems.  All of our decisions are made in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  



Keeping our schools open requires everyone’s help every day. The following are two ways that everyone can pitch in to keep West York schools open to students:

  1. Use the symptom monitoring tool with each of your school-age children prior to sending them every day, and if your child is demonstrating symptoms - please keep them home - and contact your school nurse. The symptom monitoring tool and nurse contact information can be found in the Family Information Packet.

  2. If students or family members have been in close contact with someone known to have tested positive for COVID-19, please keep everyone home and reach out to the nurse in your child’s building, immediately. Close contact is defined as any individual who was within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before illness onset until the time the patient is isolated.

     These two proactive measures will go a long way in preventing a large scale quarantine while also saving our families and staff a lot of stress and worry. 

     Below are links that will provide important information regarding the processes we have in place for notifying families and implementing quarantine measures, should the need arise.


  • WYASD Notification Process: Family Packet /Paquete Familiar en Español.  

  • This linked Flowchart, prepared by the PA Department of Health, is the process we will follow when a student or staff member becomes symptomatic.

  • This linked Webinar, also prepared by the PA Department of Health, offers guidance for K-12 schools in PA to follow after identifying possible cases within their districts.  This also provides an idea of how long your quarantine my last, and why.

  • Level of Transmission in Pennsylvania counties - link to excel document may be found on the right side of the linked page.  The data, updated weekly, informs what actions we will take when somebody tests positive for Covid-19. 

  • The PA Department of Health chart for determining a school district’s response when positive cases are identified within a district.  This chart is also outlined below.

Student Meal Programs

     We have received notice from the USDA that beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, through Thursday, December 31, 2020, all breakfast and lunch meals across the District shall be provided, free of charge, to ALL students. This includes pick-up meals for WY Cyber Academy students, as well as meals for anyone 18 and under who resides in our District. Please follow your child’s home building guidelines for ordering pick-up meals. At the secondary level, a second meal may be purchased at the regular meal rate.  

     Menus for all buildings are posted on our website.  More information may be found on our website. Please contact Mr. Scott Rutkowski at scrutkowski@wyasd.org if you have any questions. Should this program be extended past December 31st, we will let everyone know.  

West York Cyber Academy

     For those families who have children enrolled in the West York Cyber Academy, we have a faculty directory should you need to contact your child’s teacher. The directory is located on our website, and may be found via this link


District Calendar 

     The current 2020-21 District calendar may be found here.


Board Meetings 

     Due to the limit of 25 people in an indoor meeting, we are asking that the public pre-registers for any Board or Board Committee meetings that they would like to attend in person. In addition to allowing in-person meetings of no more than 25, we will continue to live stream and host the meetings through Zoom webinars so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Links to register for Board meetings are available on our website. Our next meeting will be an AdHoc Committee of the Board and is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 6:30 PM. All are welcome to attend. 


     Building Visitors

All visitors must complete a screening form and have their temperature taken at each building and will be expected to adhere to posted guidelines for social distancing to include wearing facemasks until further notice. 


The Blue & White

The Blue & White is published at the end of each week and delivered via email. Past issues may be found here. Please continue to share your positive photos throughout the year - it’s a bright spot for all of us! You can send them to cmgreco@wyasd.org.


Best wishes for a great weekend.  




Todd M. Davies

Superintendent of Schools