Update March 21, 2020
Modified April 14, 2020
Below are questions that were submitted to the online survey. Answers will be updated as we receive more information and guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Governor Tom Wolf's office. Similar questions have been summarized.
Q: Packets of schoolwork were sent home with students on March 13 to be completed during the two-week school closing. Does this packet have to be completed? Will it be graded? Can students contact teachers about the packets?

A: Although not required, packets of work were sent home for the initial two-week closure. Students were not required to complete the packets in that time frame, nor will they be penalized for not completing the work, but they are encouraged to work through as much of the material as possible. As on Monday, April 13, 2020, packets were to be completed. Students are asked to compile a list of any questions they have about the work that can be shared with teachers once a means of communication is established.  


Q: Will students be required to make up the days missed?

A: No. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will not penalize districts/schools that fail to meet the minimum 180-day/hours (990/900/450) requirements as a result of COVID-19 response efforts. 

Q: What is the plan if the school closure lasts beyond the two weeks? Will students be provided with technology to use during an extended closure? 

A: Educational services may continue in a variety of ways, including Flexible Instruction Days, online/digital learning opportunities; non-digital learning opportunities (e.g., materials sent home with students). The WYASD is developing a plan that will include the use of technology which will be provided by the District should the need arise. The district is using information from the survey that was sent to the community to develop a plan for all students to access the internet.

That plan will include a number of potential access points, including Xfinity public Hotspots, and District-issued hotspots.


Q: How will the closure affect graduation?

A: At this time, the 2019-20 graduation date of June 5, 2020, has not been changed.

Q: How will the closing affect other things such as Prom, Mini-THON, senior trips, etc.?

A: As stated in a previous communication, all events, athletics,  and activities scheduled during the two-week closure have been canceled or postponed. If postponed activities are rescheduled, all District families will be notified of the new date and time. Scheduled events beyond the two-week closure period will be addressed as the District receives further guidance for the PDE and Governor Wolf’s office. 

Q: Is the District considering Summer school to make up the lost time?

A: The District has not discussed plans for Summer classes at this time.


Q: How will students access meals while schools are closed? 

A: The District received approval from the Federal government to allow schools the option to distribute meals at no cost while schools are closed. The WYASD began a drive-up bagged breakfast/lunch service that started on March 16 and will continue as long as Governor Wolf permits it. Hours are 11 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, near the Middle School cafeteria. Participants are asked to stay in their vehicles and allow a District representative to assist you.


Q: Will web-based class time and take-home packet days/hours count toward the 180-days requirement for students?

A: PDE has excused the 180 day/990 hour requirement. We are waiting for guidance from PDE and the Governor's office regarding Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs). If we move to an alternate educational model, i.e. cyberlearning, packets, etc., we will work within the parameters of the guidance provided by the state.


Q: Will Kindergarten registration be affected by the closure?

A: At this time, Kindergarten registration will not be affected. Contingency plans are being developed should it be necessary.


Q: When will the 3rd marking period actually end? 

A: There have been no changes to the academic calendar at this time. More information will be communicated shortly.


Q: How will performance testing for grade progression take place?

A: Our administrative team is collaborating with our teachers and other local districts on best practices and recommendations as we navigate these unprecedented times.


Q: What does the cancelation of state tests mean? Are they made up?

A: According to the Secretary of Education, all State Tests have been canceled. We will wait for guidance to learn how this cancelation impacts other areas.