Upon completion of the sports season, the coach shall present to the Athletic Director a list of athletes and managers eligible for Varsity awards based on the following sports-specific standards:
    1. Football and Basketball: Participation in one-half of the quarters.
    2. Wrestling: Participation in one-half of the dual meets.
    3. Track: Score at least 14 points.
    4. Baseball and Softball: Participation in one-half innings.
    5. Cross Country: Compete as a top 10 runner in at least one-half of the meets.
    6. Golf and Tennis: Participation in one-half the matches.
    7. Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer and Lacrosse: Participation in one-half the games played.
    8. Cheerleading: Recommendation of the coach.
    9. Swimming: Compete in all dual meets and the Southwestern Relays and score at least 18 points (illness excused) or compete in ¾ of the YAIAA dual meets and score at least 23 points.

    Anyone not receiving a Varsity award may be issued a Junior Varsity award. Awards shall be presented at the conclusion of the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons during an appropriate assembly, whenever possible. 

    1. Varsity – Award winners will receive a medallion. Two or more Varsity awards earned in the same sport through the senior year will receive a pewter plate on which the medallions may be displayed.
    2. Junior Varsity – Junior Varsity Medallion.
    3. Junior High:
           a. Letter
           b. Metal Sport Insert – In lieu of receiving a subsequent letter for another sport during the same year.
           c. Certificate – for those who do not meet the requirements for a letter.
    4. Students who earn both an athletic and academic award plate will receive only one plate.