Kindergarten-3, 4-12

Our instructors are highly trained and have resources endorsed by the National Council of Teachers of Math. We believe in the emphasis of mathematical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking to promote world-class citizens. 

Our math program is focused around several core beliefs

  1. Learning is Social in Nature

  2. Learning happens with concepts are introduced in an authentic context

  3. Learning happens through reflection and iterations.


Our math program blends K-12 to support learners in a supportive curriculum. Everyday Math 4(K-5), CPM (beginning in grade 6), and Core Plus Mathematics Project (beginning in grade 9) all provide students with mathematics in an authentic meaningful context. These methods allow for a full understanding of concepts over time and repeated opportunities for student success. 

Pure mathematics is, in its way,

the poetry of logical ideas.     

Albert Einstein




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