While we support and encourage students to participate in sports activities, we strongly believe that academics and study must come first. If you play a sport, please make sure you have read and understand our eligibility policy.






A. To be eligible for co-curricular activity participation, a student must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by the principal as a full-time curriculum at West York Area School District. The student must maintain acceptable grades in such approved curriculum as certified by the principal.


B. In each of the reporting time categories listed below, the student must be passing all subjects. Eligibility will be reported:

  1. On a weekly basis during the marking period.

  2. At the end of each marking period.

  3. At the completion of each course (semester).

  4. At the end of the year.

Teachers will report academic eligibility on Friday of each week throughout the activity.


C. When a student does not meet the standard listed in Section:

  1. B-1, he/she will be ineligible from the immediately following Sunday through and including the next Saturday. Each student activity participant will be given one-week probation for the first failing grade during each semester. Exception #1, if the failing weekly grade is preceded by a marking period failure, the probation is forfeited and the student will become ineligible. Exception #2, if the student is failing two or more subjects within a given week, the probation is forfeited and the student will become ineligible. When the student receives his or her second failure, the student will become ineligible following the preceding guidelines. This rule does not apply to B-2 or B-3.

  2. B-2 and B-3, he/she will be ineligible for fifteen (15) school days of the next grading period beginning on the first day report cards are issued.

  3. B-4, his/her eligibility will be the same as B-2 and B-3 unless the student attends summer school and corrects the deficiencies, in which case the student will be immediately eligible to participate in any fall activity.


D. Any student transferring into the West York Area School District must meet and comply with the standards of West York’s academic requirements.


E. A student must be in attendance by 9:30 a.m. in order to participate or practice in any co-curricular activity that day. A student must be in attendance by 9:30 a.m. on Friday to participate or practice in any co-curricular activity that weekend. Exceptions must be approved by the administration.


The Athletic Department at West York Area High School has been working directly with OSS to increase the awareness of sports related head injuries in our student-athletes. As part of this initiative, each athlete in grades 7 and 9 will undergo a neuropsychological assessment through the use of the computer based IMPACT TESTING program to establish baseline results. The test provides an objective measurement of attention span, working memory, sustained attention, reaction time, response variability, visual and verbal memory, selective. and non-verbal program solving. 


The test results for each baseline test is password protected and will be retained on a secure IMPACT server. If a sport related concussion should occur during the season, we will re-test the athlete with IMPACT. We will compare the retest results to the baseline and assist the medical staff in making return to play decisions. After the retest, we will give a copy of the results to the student-athlete.


If you are interested in seeking medical reimbursement for a sports related injury for your child, please view the insurance details below.




All athletes are required to travel to and from athletic contests on the team bus. A written permission slip from the parent, signed by the principal/athletic director, is required for any exception to the above.