WELCOME TO LINCOLNWAY ELEMENTARY - Temporary Distance Learning Page



Ms. Catherine Kveragas

May 24, 2020

Hello Lincolnway Families!


I hope you are safe and well and enjoying the weekend! With the end of the school year quickly approaching, 

I wanted to communicate the plan for students and families to come to Lincolnway to safely retrieve personal items that have been collected out of all desks/classrooms, bagged, and labeled for students. Additionally, we are asking students to please turn in all obligations and school materials, including:

  • Paperwork packets that students completed the first weeks of the school closure

  • Classroom books or library books

  • If you have moved out of the District, or plan to do so over the summer, please return your student’s Chromebook and the power cord


The week of June 1st will be dedicated to this retrieval and turn in process. We would greatly appreciate it if you have multiple items to turn in, that you please bag those items and label the bag with your student’s name.  Additionally, we are asking you to display a sign with your student’s first and last name and teacher name on your car window. At no point during this process should anyone be exiting a vehicle or parking in the parking lot.  Staff members will be available to meet you at your car and assist as needed, making the exchange as expedited as possible.


June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be available for all families to drive through while following the guidelines below. You may come between the following times: 8-11 am OR 1-7 pm. We know there are many different schedules in homes right now, and we hope that those time frames help accommodate everyone’s various schedules.


All families should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Using the main entrance to Lincolnway, enter the parking lot and turn right (as if you are following the car rider line) to follow the loop around the side parking lot. There will be cones set up for cars to pull up to and receive students’ belongings. Please follow the flow of traffic so we can get as many cars in the loop as possible and be patient. DO NOT pull around cars in front of you, unless directed to do so. 

  • A staff member will come to your car window, retrieve the items you are returning and hand your student’s bag of materials to you. 

  • When the car in front of you proceeds to exit, please follow. To exit, turn right out of the side parking lot, drive across the front of Lincolnway (where buses drop off and pick up students), and turn left onto John Street. It is important that all cars follow the same traffic pattern to ensure everyone’s safety.  


On June 4th and 5th, our building secretaries will be calling families who still have belongings at the school and requesting that they are picked up before 4 pm on Friday, June 5th. We look forward to seeing you the week of June 1st. Thank you, Bulldog families, for all of your patience, flexibility, and understanding during these unprecedented times. Distance Learning was a challenge for everyone, and we could not have been successful in our efforts without your support. There will be additional communication sent in the coming weeks regarding report cards. Please continue to take care and stay safe this summer!


With Bulldog Pride,

Katy Kveragas

Building Principal


Please check back daily for updates and additions.

Lincolnway Elementary offers a high-quality education to students in second and third grades. Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to ensure each student receives instruction in a manner that maximizes his/her ability to be academically successful. These strategies are based on a differentiated instruction model, which includes brain-based research and data-driven interventions. Lincolnway Elementary offers excellent art, music, and physical education instruction as well as individualized special education programs.


Additionally, Lincolnway’s faculty and staff strive to provide a positive environment that promotes student success as we collaboratively work toward Every Student Every Day.

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