The West York Area School District offers a comprehensive elementary multi-media center program for its students. The following guidelines and procedures are in effect throughout the district.


  1. Students must check out all books, non-current magazines, and other materials at the desk before taking the items out of the media center.

  2. Students must return any checked-out materials to the media center by the date stamped in the back of the item. The person who has checked out the book, magazine, or other material is responsible for its return to the media center.

  3. Classes come to the media center once a cycle. Students may return their books on each scheduled day


The student must pay for any lost or damaged materials checked out under his or her name. The media center will accept a check made payable to the West York Area School District. The district will refund money if the lost material is found and returned.





To show respect for every student who uses the Media Center, please remember these simple rules:

  • Speak softly

  • Return material promptly

    • Reference material may be checked out for only one evening at a time

    • Books are checked out for two week periods

    • You can always renew!

  • Share the equipment

  • Fines are issued for overdue material 

    • $0.05 per school day

    • Report cards may be held for overdue material