2018 Punkin' Chunkin'

Friday, Nov. 2nd, West York hosted the

York County High School Punkin' Chunkin' Championships for the 6th year!

WY teams:

Uptown Chunk

Jake Altimore, Augie Citrone, Jack Citrone, Griffin Conaway, Jason McSherry, John Wood


West York Tech Ed

Kieran McKee, Terraj Deshields, Noah Lingenfelter, Ethan Glass, Casey Melder


Better Dead than Red

Ellie Landis, Ben Metzger, Jason Bruder, Brennan Heist, Jared Hoke


Event Assistant: Michelle Vu (Physics Club President)


Event t-shirts were printed by the West York Print Club.


The WYAHS National Honor Society organized and sold food during the event.



The competition is open to all students, however, the championships allow only three teams per school to compete. Traditionally the AP Physics I class (Mr Skaggs) uses it as the engineering project requirement for the course. Additionally, the Honors and College Prep classes have to make a mini-pumpkin launcher for a class project but they are given the opportunity, if they choose, to make a large one to compete in the championships. This year a team from Honors Physics I competed.

Mr. Janaszek recruits students from his various Tech Ed classes to create a team, not all in a specific course. 

    The educational goals for the physics teams include the engineering process: research, design, construction, testing, evaluating. Teams will apply physics concepts such as Rotational motion, Torque, Conservation of Energy, Projectile Motion, Force, Linear Motion throughout this process to create an effective machine. 

    This year the WY Tech Ed team took 2nd place! Susquehannock took the Gold and York Tech took the Bronze