Wallace Elementary -

  • Backpack and lunch box

The school will supply everything else needed.

Lincolnway Elementary - 

  • Headphones/earbuds

  • Non-mechanical pencils

Note: All classrooms also ask for donations of soft tissues and disinfectant wipes.

Trimmer Elementary

  • Recommended: earbuds, tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer

Not recommended: mechanical pencils (not preferred), folders (will be provided)

*The need for three-ring binders or any other organizational tools will be determined by the team and communicated by homeroom teacher at the beginning of the year.

Middle School - 

The following list of supplies are suggested for our Middle School Students


Grade 6

  • A one-inch three-ring binder (blue) for science/geography

  • A one-inch three-ring binder (white) for ELA

  • A one-inch three-ring binder (red) for Math (colors are suggestions to help with organization)

  • Pencils and erasers

  • A highlighter

  • Dividers for each notebook

  • Calculator – TI-30X IIS

  • Two one-subject spiral notebooks

  • A set of earbuds for use with school computers


Grade 7

The following is a list of supplies to help you prepare for seventh grade. You may purchase them prior to the start of school, or wait until the first week for further clarification on materials.

Items for instruction:

  • Two one-inch, three-ring binders

  • Two two-inch, three-ring binders

  • A set of dividers for each binder (4 sets total)

  • Lined, loose leaf notebook paper (a regular supply for the entire year)

  • Pencils (a regular supply for the entire year)

  • A hand pencil sharpener

  • Red pens

  • A set of colored pencils

  • A highlighter

  • A durable six or twelve-inch ruler

  • A set of earbuds for use with school computers

  • A pencil case or pouch to hold small items


Optional Items: These items are not required, but may be helpful for students.

  • Calculator – The school provides the Texas Instruments TI-130X II model for student use in the classroom. If you are purchasing one, please get this model, as this is the one used for instruction.


Grade 8

  • Several packs of pencils (wooden or mechanical).

  • One pack of colored pencils

  • Several blue or black ink pens

  • Hi-Lighter markers

  • Lined notebook paper (3 hole)

  • Two three-ring binders at least size 1 ½” (ELA, Science/AC)

  • Two one-subject spiral notebooks

  • Two packages of dividers

High School

No supplies are required for students. Students may choose to purchase items to stay organized as they see fit.