Student Safety Tips


     The West York Area School District is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all students in our schools. The West York Borough Police are investigating several cases that have occurred in the area. The WYBPD and are in the early stages of their investigation and will be releasing more information as it is developed. As a reminder to students and families in the area, the following tips are provided. 


  • Avoid high risk situations and if you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable seek help from an adult you are familiar with including teachers or staff members in school

  • Know and follow the school's safety policies

  • If you walk to school, walk with a friend or family member and walk in well lit areas

  • If you drive to school, always lock your vehicle

  • Carry your keys in your hand when walking to your car

  • Never carry large sums of money with you

  • Always tell your parents where you plan to be before and after school

  • Make sure that your emergency contact card at school is updated

  • Report all suspicious activity, whether on or off campus

  • Immediately report any information about a student with weapons

  • Always be aware of your surroundings

  • Be familiar with the general layout of the buildings and walkways (walk around campus during the day to familiarize yourself)

  • Carry a whistle with you (if you find yourself in danger, you can use it to draw attention and it cannot be used to harm you)

  • Refuse to participate in negative or criminal behavior

  • Follow instructions of school employees, law enforcement officials, or other emergency response personnel

  • Refrain from teasing, bullying, and harassing other students and be tolerant of their differences


Thank you,

Ivan Quinones

West York Area School District