Trimmer Elementary offers a high-quality education to students in fourth and fifth grades. Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to ensure each student receives instruction in a manner that maximizes his/her ability to be academically successful. These strategies are based on a differentiated instruction model, which includes brain-based research and data-driven interventions. Trimmer Elementary offers art, music, and physical education as well as special education programs.


Additionally, Trimmer’s faculty and staff strives to provide a positive environment that promotes student success as we collaboratively work toward “Every Student Every Day.”

Greetings Trimmer Bulldog Parents, Families, and Students,


As you are reading this, I hope you and your family are well and practicing all of the recommended precautions to maintain physical safety during this unprecedented time in the world. I hope you are practicing some healthy habits for your mental health as well! It is more important now than ever, that we turn to each other for support. On behalf of the Trimmer Elementary Faculty and Staff, I thank you for your patience and grace during this time of uncertainty. It is, however, absolutely certain that this West York community is strong and that we will take care of each other no matter what!


Our teachers and staff have been diligently working to transform their physical classrooms into virtual classrooms and their lessons into meaningful lessons that they can deliver from home, all while still trying to maintain their connections with all of you. As many parents and caregivers have taken on the role of “educator” in the household, they are also managing families, furbabies, and the needs of their families and homes. I know my new co-workers are four-legged and furry and feel that when I am home, it is always time for treats and walks! As we all embrace our new roles, I am blown away by our joint commitment to student well-being and success. 


Here are a few supports and reminders for all in our Trimmer community:


  • Class Dojo is our means of communication for our building and our individual classrooms. Please make sure you are signed up through your child’s homeroom teacher so you can stay in touch with the updates!

  • If students need other online activities to continue their learning beyond what is being assigned by their teachers, you can click HERE and access some of the optional online resources. 

  • “Distance Learning Classrooms” will be set up and students will engage with their teachers in a virtual format through the duration of the school building closure. Please have your student use the District-issued Chromebook, so we can best troubleshoot any issues that may arise via our technology support department. Teachers will be using Google Classroom as their platform for learning. Please click HERE to familiarize yourself with the online classroom! 

  • Mrs. Gordon (School Counselor), Mrs. Patterson (Dean of Students), Ms. Bauer (School Psychologist) and I set up a Google Classroom for “Social Emotional Learning.” Please check out our Class Dojo post, or ask your child’s homeroom teacher for the code to check out resources to support students’ emotional and mental health.

  • Monday-Friday, from 11 a.m. -12 p.m. at the Middle School, breakfast and lunch are being served in a curbside manner. This is for ANY child under the age of 18. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE! 


As always, thank you for our partnership, and please follow the guideline for remaining safe and healthy! We hope to see you all soon!


With Bulldog Pride,

Jenna L. Sloan


WELCOME TO TRIMMER ELEMENTARY - Temporary Distance Learning Page



Ms. Jenna Sloan


Please check back daily for updates and additions.

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