Wallace Elementary offers a high-quality education to students in kindergarten and first grade. Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to ensure each student receives instruction in a manner that maximizes his/her ability to be academically successful. These strategies are based on a differentiated instruction model, which includes brain-based research and data-driven interventions. Wallace Elementary offers art, music, and physical education as well as special education programs.


Additionally, Wallace’s faculty and staff strive to provide a positive environment that promotes student success as we collaboratively work toward Every Student Every Day.


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Beginning Feb. 3, 2020




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Welcome to Wallace Elementary. Our school serves students in kindergarten and first grade. Students benefit from curriculum guided by Pennsylvania Core Standards, which are delivered by highly-qualified teachers and specialists in student-focused learning environments.


At Wallace Elementary, we follow a developmental model of early childhood education. Therefore, we match appropriate activities to the individual instructional levels of students to support continued growth in all areas. In our classrooms, we provide students with activities in large and small group settings. Early childhood assistants and parent volunteers allow us to enhance our individualized attention to each student. Our reading specialists provide additional support. In the fall of 1999, our developmental program was awarded Model Site Status through the Academic Standards Implementation Grant for excellence in the practice of Early Childhood Education. We are one of eight schools across the state to receive this honor.


Our highly-qualified teachers employ a balanced literacy approach. This includes opportunities for reading, writing, listening, and speaking with a variety of materials that also match each student's instructional level. We have written our curriculum to support a thematic approach that integrates all subject areas. Extended learning opportunities are available for identified students during our daily "What I Need" academic intervention periods. Parents are encouraged to become involved in family literacy programs that we offer throughout the year. This exemplary program enabled us to be the state recipient of the National Exemplary Reading Award for a balanced literacy approach by the International Reading Association.


Our philosophy is a team approach for creating the best learning opportunities for each child. We encourage families to join us for scheduled activities, conferences, workshops, and to become classroom volunteers. Our PTO meets every other month and also provides valuable activities and resources for our students. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.




Jonathan Hoffman


Mr. Jonathan Hoffman


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Teachers Arrive                                8:15 am

Teachers and Students Report

to Classrooms                                 8:30 am*


Classes Begin                                 9:10 am*


Lunch Times:

Lunch A                       11:30 am - 11:50 am

Lunch B                       11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Lunch C                      12:10 pm - 12:30 pm

Lunch D                      12:30 pm - 12:50 pm


Kindergarten and First Grade students will have an additional 20-minute afternoon recess.



Walkers, Van & Car Riders

Dismissal                                        3:25 pm* 

Bus Dismissal                                  3:30 pm


*Bells will ring inside and outside the building


Special Schedules can be found here.

Wallace Elementary: 2065 High Street - York, PA 17408          Ph: (717) 764-6869          Fax (717) 764-7056