West York Area High School houses grades nine through twelve. We offer a diverse educational program and encourage our students to choose courses that will help them succeed in the career of their choice. The majority of our graduates go on to post-secondary education or specialized training; many others enter the workforce or the military.  
Our high school operates on a two-semester, six-term, four-period-a-day block schedule. We provide our students a solid foundation in core academic courses as well as offering a wide variety of electives including arts and humanities, business education, technology education, family and consumer science, and world languages.


Our program also includes opportunities for students to attend the local technical school or specialized centers on a part-time basis. Our seniors may also choose to participate in career internships and diversified occupations programs. Most importantly our dedicated Faculty and Staff are committed to the idea of Every Student Every Day.


Welcome to the West York Area High School. Our school houses students in grades nine through twelve. Students benefit from curriculum guided by Pennsylvania State Standards, which is delivered by highly qualified teachers and specialists in student-focused, learning environments.  

The high school faculty is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of individual students throughout the learning experiences. We strive to maintain an appropriate, yet rigorous, balance between academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students. Classes are offered in a "block" scheduling format, in which students take four classes each semester in class periods of 80 minutes. In this way, students can take eight academic subjects in a year, as we have no study halls. In addition, this schedule allows students to concentrate on four subjects at a time, rather than the six or seven offered through a traditional schedule.

To complement our academic program, West York Area High School offers a variety of co-curricular activities for students. Our music programs, with choir, marching and concert band, and the all-school musical (which also involves our drama department) are vibrant and have high student participation each year. In addition, each year our art department sponsors an Arts Festival during which student creativity is displayed through both the visual arts and musical performances. Student Council is also heavily involved in student life, providing students with enjoyable activities from Homecoming to Spirit Days. Along with these opportunities, students can also participate in interscholastic sports. Our athletic programs provide students the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports during each season.

In all of these things - our academics, co-curricular programs, and our dedication to student learning - we expect the pursuit of excellence from our students, our teachers, our staff, and our administrators. That expectation, held by all and for all, is a big part of what we call "Bulldog Pride" and is the engine that drives our high school to offer all students the very best education possible. 

With Bulldog Pride,


Carrie Jones

Ms. Carrie Jones



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Advisory HR           7:45-7:56

Period 1                   8:00-9:18

Period 2                   9:22-10:40

Lunch & Learn       10:40-12:00

L1                              10:40-11:20

L2                              11:20-12:00

Period 3                   12:00-1:18 

Period 4                   1:22-2:40 

Advisory HR            2:44-2:55 


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West York Area High School: 

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