New WYASD routing software - Transfinder

What does that mean to WY Families?

  • All student location information is uploaded to Transfinder from the District database.

  • How estimated drop-off times are calculated: 

Criteria entered into Transfinder, including the speed of the bus and the loading/unloading times per student, helps determine arrival times. For example, Secondary student rider times are estimated at a six-second loading time whereas Elementary students are estimated at a 15 second loading time. Bus speed is set at 15 mph.

  • Students are assigned a “geocode” based on the registered parent /guardian address in the student database.

  • Students living near each other are indicated on a map as blue dots that help to make a centrally located bus stop. 

  • Students were rostered on to the buses from their “geocoded” primary address. 


Frequently Asked Questions  2019-2020


Q- What if my child attends daycare or babysitter?

  • That would be considered an alternate stop, forms are available on the HERE. All addresses must be located within the WYASD.


Q- Will there be Adult Riders like last year?

  • WYASD has placed teachers to ride-along for each elementary bus run for the first few weeks of school.


Q- As a new kindergarten parent, what do I need to know?

  • All kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop with a designated person listed on the kindergarten release form.

  • If there is not a designated person at the stop to meet the kindergarten Student, the student will be returned to Wallace Elementary for the parent/guardian to pick up.