The journey.

  During the 2018-19 school year, the District established a Branding Committee which served as a sub-committee of the Positive Relations In District Education (PRIDE) Committee. This branding group was made up of students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and community members. 


  The initiative of the Branding Committee was to facilitate the refresh of the WYASD crest. Committee members met, workshopped, and researched the significance of having a refreshed, inclusive crest for the District. The goal was to ensure the original crest design was represented while redesigning refreshed components that best reflect the District and community of West York as a whole. 


  Local graphic designers donated their time and talent to help narrow-down the committee's vision. The process took longer than expected, but it was decided that a professional and accurate brand superseded a deadline.


  In early November 2019, the West York community, stakeholders, students, staff, faculty, and alumni had the opportunity to weigh in on a final design via a comprehensive survey that allows participants to choose a crest shell as well as the components that will represent the District. The survey was publicized through social media, the Weekly newsletter, Blackboard email, and local media outlets.


  After collecting survey results, three final designs that reflected those results were created and vetted through the PRIDE Committee. From there, a final version was created and put to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board approved the refreshed crest design at their Jan. 14, 2020, meeting.

This is an exciting time for WY - blending history with the present and future, and we are #wyproud that the entire community will be a part of this project!




  • The outline of the crest body and Bulldog art have been preserved from the original crest designed by the West York Class of 1964.

  • The circle design represents timelessness, inclusion, and wholeness.



The symbols chosen for the crest were those with the highest votes, taken from the survey.

  • ACADEMICS: The graduation mortarboard reflects the “cap” of a student’s academic journey with West York and the beginning of the next chapter in their lives. The graduation cap is a symbol of intelligence and superiority. When the tassel is transferred from the left to the right, it becomes more symbolic because it then signifies the students' official status as a graduate.

  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The center of the atom, containing the positively charged nucleus, represents science and technology at West York. 

  • The lamp of learning and knowledge is a long-held icon at West York. It is a symbol of divinity, wisdom, intellect, and good works, and is reflective of our students’ achievements. 

  • ATHLETICS: The Olympic torch was chosen to represent athletics at West York. It is symbolic of brightness and celebration. 

  • CO-CURRICULARS: The masks of tragedy and comedy represent theater, music, and arts at West York. This symbol dates back to ancient Greece where the masks were used in performances in front of large audiences to help actors project broad emotions.

A special note of gratitude to Director Lynn Kohler for his

encouragement and guidance with this project!


  • Designers Mindy Kunkle and Andrew Moley for their creativity, patience, and commitment to making this project happen.

  • PRIDE and BRANDING Committee members for their time and dedication to this project.

     Board Directors: Don Carl,  Rodney Drawbaugh, Jeanne Herman,     

     George Margetas

     District parents: Jim Kunkle, Mindy Kunkle, Vineeta Kushla, Scott Landis, 

     Director Brandy Shope

     Administration : Jim Kunkle

     District staff & faculty: Donna Albertson, Melissa Appnel, 

     Anthony Campbell, Virginia Carter, Superintendent Todd Davies,

     Wayne Dull, Rebecca Eden, Mary Freed, Josh Fry, Cynthia Greco,

     Karin Hall, Frank Hawkins, Julie Haynes, Courtney Henry,

     Assistant Superintendent Erin Holman, Amanda Kazi, Tina Keeler,

     Lisa Konopinski, Todd Lewis, Tiffany Loucks, Andrew Rafferty,

     Scott Rutkowski, Sheri Schlemmer, Jenna Sloan, Beth Thieret