• Wallace Elementary - Car Rider Procedures

    We are fortunate to be a neighborhood school, meaning that we are located in a friendly and safe community within a small neighborhood. Since we are located in a residential area, there are certain considerations I ask that you adhere to:

    When lining up in the car rider line, please do not block a neighbor’s driveway or use it as a turn-around point.
    Many of our neighbors are coming in and out of their driveways during the time of dismissal. Our dismissal time is also around the same time as mail delivery in the neighborhood. Please be respectful of our neighbors by avoiding their mailboxes and driveways.

    Please have your car rider sign visible when pulling into the car rider line.
    This helps us call names and grade levels as you pull into the lot so your child can be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the front. If you need an extra car rider sign please call the main office. You may be asked to show identification when picking up your child if you do not have a sign. Please be prepared with this information until we establish a relationship with you and your child.

    If possible, please avoid waiting in the car rider line next to our play area until after 3:00 p.m.
    We understand the convenience of lining up early, and due to work schedules this may be unavoidable. If you must come before 3:00 pm, please stop before the playground gate in our car rider parking lot and our aide or teacher on staff will wave you down when dismissal begins.

    Refrain from making a U-turn in the middle of High Street and DO NOT turn left into the parking lot from High Street.
    Travel past the parking lot, take your first left onto Shiloh Drive, follow around the block to the right, and take your first right onto High Street. This will put you right into the car rider line.

    A few additional tips to improve the safety and efficiency of car-rider traffic:

    • Please move car seats to the passenger side of your vehicle so your child can enter and exit the car quickly. Please stay in your car during arrival and dismissal.

    • Consider accessing the car-rider line during non-peak times.

             *8:30-8:40 a.m. and 3:30-3:40 p.m.

    • Please exercise patience and good will in our car rider line – do not pass cars in the parking lot.

    • We ask that you join our car rider line and do not drop your child off on High Street or park in the neighborhood and walk across the street and up to the car rider doors. This procedure is reserved for  our walkers and bike riders. The first day of school is the only exception to this rule. On your child’s first day of school you may PARK outside the car rider line and walk your child up to school.

    Thank you for your understanding as we strive to ensure the safety of our students here at Wallace Elementary. We do our best to move the line through as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

  • Car Rider Map