• Bully Prevention

    The West York Area School District strives to maintain civility and goodwill among all students within our schools. The effects of bullying actions are not temporary but lifelong.

    Bullying is not going to go away, so we have adopted a whole-school approach to controlling this awful destroyer of character on school property. The importance of respecting self makes it easier to respect others. Prevention is the most beneficial way to avoid potential problems.

    At West York, we endeavor to teach prevention, and we do intervene when problems surface. Many of the suggestions from trained educators dealing with behavior modification can help in how our students, teachers, and administrators handle bullying within our schools. Good self-esteem is a major factor in how individuals deal with the problem of being bullied. As with any program, it is only effective if it is used consistently.

    Within this District, we are training our students in kindergarten through senior high (as well as our staff) that we will not tolerate bullying, and we take it very seriously here. There is a time and place for all things, and reactions to an action determine the final consequences. You are not alone; please let someone know if you are being bullied.