• Greetings, Bulldog Community:

    Thank you to everyone who attended the March 12th and/or March 19th Board meetings. We appreciate your interest, comments, and questions about what’s happening in the District. Regarding the Athletic Fields Project, we hope we clarified the project further at both meetings and shed more light on the next steps and projected timeline. 

    At the March 19th meeting, the Board voted to move the project to West Manchester Township and West York Borough for the zoning phase so we can determine whether certain aspects of the project cannot proceed or may be cost-prohibitive. The Athletic Field Project should be through the zoning process by late summer or early fall. We have heard the questions about the environmental impact of using turf, so this will also allow us time to research the available turf types.

    Once we hear back from the Township and Borough about zoning, the next step will be to submit the project to the bid process. By then, we can assess what grant money we have to offset the project costs, contact the community to see what level of support exists for sponsorships, and determine whether the project can be phased in over time.

    Finally, we have heard the outcry about raising taxes at a high level this year, so we will deliberate on possibly phasing tax increases over two or more years. The Board will consider a budget recommendation in April and vote on the 2024-2025 budget in May.  

    We hope to see you at future meetings and to be able to put together a project that the majority of the community will support and be proud of.


    Lynn Kohler, President

    West York Area School Board