• August

    Ms. Kristi George, Transportation Coordinator
    Ms. George was nominated by Ms. Sheri Schlemmer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer

    Kristi is in charge of all transportation for the District.  Ultimately, without the work that Kristi does in the summer, our students would not get to school on the first day. She works hard to ensure the bus runs are efficient and our students spend as little time on the bus as possible.  She works really hard over the summer, and I feel she is deserving of recognition for her hard work.

    Ms. Tammy Gettys, Middle School Plant Operator
    Ms. Gettys was nominated by Mr. Jeff Ludwig, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds and Middle School Principal, Mr. Anthony Campbel

    Tammy has worked tirelessly throughout the summer to ensure that the Middle School facility is ready for students and staff for the upcoming school year.  She helped to welcome and lead several new custodial members through their responsibilities as they got acclimated to their new roles.  She helped to ensure not only the 'normal' cleaning took place but also helped to facilitate several classroom moves and the installation of new cafeteria tables.  Her leadership ensured that the building shined (literally and figuratively) heading into the 22/23 school year and is ready to welcome students and staff! Tammy has been rising in her efforts to become a leader of the custodian team.

    Mr. Danny Rodriquez, High School Plant Operator
    Mr. Rodriguez was nominated by Mr. Jeff Ludwig, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, and High School Principal, Ms. Carrie Jones 

    Deny started at the high school this summer (from Lincolnway) and hit the ground running.  He works extremely hard and has made our building look better than ever before.  He is also personable and seeks feedback. His communication skills have already made a difference.

    Ms. Amanda Steigleman, Data Systems Specialist
    Ms. Steigleman was nominated by Mr. Steve Clutter, Technology Director

    Amanda has been an integral part of the communication plan and website, including updating documents and following up on outdated documentation to ensure that we are communicating to our parents and staff the most current and relevant information about the district along with training the appropriate individuals on necessary reports and communications.