• High School Flexible Learning Day Schedule and Expectations

    The High School Flexible Learning Day Schedule will be used by teachers to coordinate virtual lessons.  Virtual lessons are learning opportunities for students and teachers to connect at the same time.  The West York Area High School will continue to use Zoom as a way to connect online and hold virtual sessions.  Therefore, each teacher will be requiring all of their students to attend a Zoom meeting at the beginning of class unless told otherwise.  The length and nature of the daily zoom meeting will be determined by the teacher.  If, for some reason, a teacher is unable to attend the Zoom meeting, students will receive a notification from their teacher via Canvas.

    Important Information For Students:

    • Attendance is mandatory for all synchronous learning sessions (Zoom sessions).  Teachers will assess students during that time and points will be given.  Therefore, if a student does not attend a mandatory Zoom session, points will be lost.
    • The student dress code applies to all zoom sessions.  Students must be dressed appropriately at all times.
    • The student code of conduct also applies at all times.  Students should remain respectful of others, the teacher, and themselves, and abide by the teacher's expectations for the virtual classroom.
High School Virtual Learning Schedule