• Director of Technology
    Mr. Steve Clutter

    Steve Clutter has been the Director of Technology for the West York Area School District since 2019.  He had previously served as Director of Technology at Cloumbia Borough School District and Lincoln Charter School. He has been married 30 years and has raised 26 children, 3 of his own and 23 foster children.

    As Director of Technology for West York, Steve oversees the planning, administration, maintenance, budgeting, support, and project management of district information technology systems.   This includes the central network infrastructure, classroom computers, mobile devices, instructional technology tools, software systems, databases, and communication systems. Steve leads the district Technology Department team and provides direct support for many of the district systems. 

    Steve helps staff identify solutions to support students, classrooms, and workflows which may or may not be technological. If you have a question related to technology at West York,  you can contact Steve.

    Mr. Steve Clutter, Director of Technology