• January

    Ms. Devin McMullen, Middle School Teacher
    Ms. McMullen was nominated by Middle School Principal Mr. Campbell 

    Ms. McMullen has been a key teacher-leader in helping to develop a schedule for our Bulldog Block period.  She worked with building administrators to help develop a rotation so that workshops could be offered to students based on their academic needs while also providing them with opportunities to attend workshops and clubs of their own interest.  Throughout this process, Ms. McMullen worked to find a way to offer students the opportunity to work at the "Bulldog Brew."  This student-led group operates an in-house coffee shop at the Middle School.  Faculty and Staff can place orders for their favorite beverage, and the friendly student staff fills these orders.  When not serving as baristas, students analyze the income and expenses for this 'business' and work with Ms. McMullen on different marketing and other business strategies to help enhance and grow the business.  Ms. McMullen helps these students to experience the real-world application of math used in running a small business. Ms. McMullen also serves on our Leader in Me "Lighthouse Team" and is a Co-Leader for the "Leadership Environment" Action Team.  Additionally, she is one of two teachers who help to coach the Middle School Math Counts team.

    Ms. Megan Eckbold, Trimmer Teacher

    Ms. Eckbold was nominated by Trimmer Principal Dr. Minacci 

    We can all reflect on our education and think of at least one teacher who truly impacted our lives.  Megan Eckbold is one of those teachers whom her students will always remember.  Mrs. Eckbold is the teacher who lives and breathes Every Student Every Day and extends her nurturing heart far beyond the norm.  She does whatever is necessary to meet her students' academic and social-emotional needs and has worked with students outside of the regular school setting to ensure their needs are met.  She has gone above and beyond to purchase clothing for students so they are well protected from the elements.  Mrs. Eckbold has also ensured that students have the necessary supplies to establish proper hygiene.  She frequently supports students at athletic events in the evenings and on weekends.  Thank you, Mrs. Eckbold, for all that you do for your students!

    Ms. Jen Swope, Special Ed Instructional Advisor

    Ms. Swope was nominated by Middle School Principal Mr. Campbell 

    Ms. Swope has been instrumental in helping to provide support for students through our MTSS process. She is a true advocate for students and shares a genuine passion for them to find success with the appropriate support.  In addition to her work with our Special Education students and teachers, Ms. Swope works with several other teachers and administrators to help identify and support students who are struggling academically.  Ms. Swope helps identify these students and comes up with creative solutions to provide them with needed support and positive incentives and reinforcements.  Ms. Swope also serves as an awesome resource and support for our teachers and makes herself available to them whenever there is a need, regardless of the day or hour.  Additionally, Ms. Swope provides CPI training and support to District staff so they have the knowledge and skills to best respond to students who may need de-escalation.