• Curriculum & Instruction
    Welcome to Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. I am proud to lead our curriculum, instruction, and assessment processes for the West York Area School District. Our academic program is regularly under review to ensure our academic program meets the needs of every learner. Students will find throughout their academic career in the West York Area School District that our leaders emphasize learning through experiences, encouraging curiosity, and inquiry to develop citizens who are eager learners.  Families can be assured to know that all of our instructional practices are research-based and supported by the brightest minds in the field.

    Our program is built upon preparing graduates to be:

    • Adaptable and resourceful

    • A Global Citizen

    • A Collaborator and Communicator

    • Confident and Independent

    • Resilient and Growth Minded

    • Ethical and Conscientious

    • A Critical Thinker

    • Curious and Innovative

    • Financially Literate

    • A Person of Integrity

    Our educators plan to develop students who are flexible and adaptable and be able to thrive both in class and through online learning environments.  A common theme around our program goals are to develop thinkers and problem solvers, both academically and emotionally in order to graduate World Class Citizens who will be successful in their post-secondary careers. 

    Our instructional program is focused around several core beliefs

    1. Learning is Social in Nature

    2. Learning happens with concepts are introduced in an authentic context

    3. Learning happens through reflection and iterations.

    All leadership, faculty, and staff are working to prepare students for any opportunity and graduate World Class Citizens. 

    For more information about the Pennsylvania Standards for Instruction, please visit the PDE Standards Aligned Systems.


  •  Ms. Melissa Appnel, Director of K-12 Education & Assessment
    Ms. Melissa Appnel
    Director of K-12 Education and Assessment


    Ms. Virgina Carter
    Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent and to the Director of K-12 Education and Assessment