• November

    Ms. Vanessa Bicher, Lincolnway Counselor
    Ms. Bicher was nominated by Lincolnway Elementary Principal, Ms. Katy Kveragas

    Vanessa is an amazing school counselor. She follows the ASCA model with fidelity and uses data to inform all decisions she makes. She analyzes student data on a weekly basis to provide individual counseling, group counseling, and monthly classroom lessons. She also provides additional school-wide activities that support students, including World Kindness Day and Children's Grief Awareness Day. Vanessa supports all school-wide initiatives and provides personal support to faculty and staff as well. She is a trusted and empathetic leader at Lincolnway. She was also an instrumental part in setting up the Bulldog Buddy program between Lincolnway and the High School.  Without her help and support, the program would not have been able to begin as smoothly and wonderfully as it has begun!

    Mr. Al Janaszek, High School Teacher
    Mr. Janaszek was nominated by Ms. Sheri Schlemmer, Chief Finance and Operations Officer,  and High School Principal, Ms. Carrie Jones

    Al works closely with other organizations and companies to help get donations for his small gas engines class, and he helps to offset and defray the costs associated with his classroom needs. He recently received a donation of over $2100 in small gas engines for his class at no cost to the District.  Al also serves on the Student Assistance Program team and took his Punkin’ Chunkin’ tech team to 2nd place this year!

    Ms. Sue Zimmerman, Lincolnway Cafe Manager
    Ms. Zimmerman was nominated by Mr. Scott Rutkowski, Director of Student Nutrition Services 

    Sue interacts with the students in classes, teaching them about new foods in a fun and entertaining way. Just recently, she taught Ms. Versailles’ 2nd grade Class about pumpkins and gave them samples of pumpkin seeds. The students were really engaged and enjoyed the presentation. These presentations really give the students a new learning experience