• Welcome to the West York Cyber Academy (WYCA)

    To attend the WYCA you must reside within the West York Area School District and be a currently enrolled student.

    If your child/ren are currently enrolled in the West York Area School District and you wish to transfer them to the WYCA, please contact their Building Principal(s).   If you are new to the district you must first complete the registration process at which time you will be able to request enrollment in the WYCA.

    To register a new student please visit our registration portal and begin the registration process.

    The West York Cyber Academy (WYCA) delivers a high-quality, standards-based program taught by West York teachers. Our curriculum program mirrors the quality and diversity of course offerings, programs, and services available in our "brick and mortar" schools. WYCA is open to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who reside within the West York Area School District.

    Program Features and Benefits:

    • Each online course of the West York Cyber Academy includes an engaging and rigorous curriculum. Students will be issued a District Chromebook to complete assigned coursework.  Additional resources such as textbooks, manipulatives,  and other course materials are also available to students.

    • The teachers for the West York Cyber Academy are from West York's staff, which is made up of 100% highly qualified teachers.

    • Students who graduate from the West York Cyber Academy will receive a West York Area High School diploma and will be able to participate at commencement ceremonies with other members of the graduating class.

    • Students may participate in all co-curricular and extracurricular activities because they are enrolled as West York Area School District students.  This includes athletics, musical groups, field trips, clubs, etc.

    • Students are able to receive valuable student services such as counseling, career guidance, gifted, and special education support.